"If you meet again someday !!! Can you call me a friend again?"


Nefertari Vivi - A person appearing in "ONEPIECE". The main character behind the story and the greatest key person in the story. -

Princess of Alabasta Kingdom and daughter of current King Nefertari Cobra.
Currently, we are not together for adventure, but we are one of the Straw Hats
Later, Kosa also said, "Is the pirate feeling revived again?" And Pell has been recognized as one of the Straw Hats from the surroundings, saying "Vivi has a pirate experience ...".

With long blue hair, when she first appeared, she bundled her hair into a ponytail.
Although he was all-back in the Miss Wednesdays era, he divides his bangs after Miss Valentine broke his barrette.
Zoro refers to being a swordsman when he was hostile, and is called “Mr Busidoux”. Chopper takes a part of his last name and calls it “Tony”.


At the author's official one-piece party, Franky, who is not involved in the main story, is named with “san”. Trafalgar Law was called “Traemon”. Caesar, like Law, was a "goofy scientist".
Former Rebel leader who was aiming to overthrow his father Cobra, Koza, the current Kingdom Minister of Environment, is a childhood friend.